The Line Manager's Role in Strategy Video

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Lead your team to strategic success!

Want to understand more about strategy execution? Wondering what your role as a line manager should be?

All will be revealed in this handy guide to the line manager's role in strategic success.

1. Understand the Strategy

Step one is to make sure you understand the strategy yourself.

When you're clear on the strategic vision and purpose, you need to interpret and translate these into something meaningful for your team.

You can do this by turning them into objectives, activities and tasks that are clearly linked to team, department and organizational goals.

Make sure the objectives that you set are specific and measurable.

Use Key Performance Indicators, performance review processes, and one-to-one meetings to check progress along the way.

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Comments (2)
  • Over a month ago Sarah_H wrote
    Hi zuni,

    Yes I completely agree. We are often programmed (and rewarded) to come up with instant answers without necessarily taking the time to think through whether those answers are the right ones.

    As a manager it can be hard to break from that expectation.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Mind Tools Coach
  • Over a month ago zuni.suny wrote
    Great summary of a line manager’s role in strategy. Time and again a big issue I see is managers jumping to solutions without taking the time to understand what is needed.

    Often managers are rewarded for speed. And, some managers believe that quickly coming up with a solution makes them look smarter.

    Over the long run, the organization pays the price for not taking the time to think things through.