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Use job crafting to redesign your role and boost your job satisfaction.

Welcome to Mind Tools' video learning series from Emerald Works.

Do you ever get bored of your job? Are you tired of the same old tasks taking up space on your to-do list? Perhaps it's time for a refresh!

What if you could adjust the focus of your role so that you get to use more of your unique talents and skills? Well, maybe you can.

Job crafting is a powerful tool that can help to boost both your satisfaction and your performance. It involves subtly redesigning your role to focus more on your strengths and less on your weaknesses.

Get it right and you'll be able to increase the control you have over your career, while "wowing" your boss at the same time.

There are four steps you can use to craft your job in a way that will make it more enjoyable, satisfying and productive. To find out what they are, watch the full video by joining the Mind Tools Club.

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