The Number/Rhyme Mnemonic

Remembering Ordered Lists

The Number/Rhyme Mnemonic - Remembering Simple Ordered Lists

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The Number/Rhyme technique is a very simple way of remembering lists in order.

It is an example of a peg system – a system where information is "pegged" to a known sequence (here the numbers one to ten) to create pegwords. By doing this you ensure that you do not forget any facts, as gaps in information are immediately obvious. It also makes remembering images easier as you always know part of the mnemonic images.

At a simple level you can use it to remember things such as a list of English Kings or American Presidents in their precise order. At a more advanced level it can be used to code lists of experiments to be recalled in a science exam, for example.

How to Use Number/Rhyme Mnemonics

The technique works by helping you to build up pictures in your mind, in which you represent numbers by things that rhyme with the number. You can then link these pictures to images of the things to be remembered.

The usual rhyming scheme is:...

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